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For those who are curious, why does my website feature the name  The Manchester Man
“When Pliny lost his life, and Herculaneum was buried, Manchester was born. Whilst lava and ashes blotted from sight and memory fair and luxurious Roman cities close to the capital, the Roman soldiery of Titus, under their general Agricola, laid the foundation of a distant city which now competes with the great cities of the world”
So wrote the author, G Linnaeus Banks in her novel The Manchester Man.
I first read those words as a 12 year old growing up in the outskirts of post war Manchester and was captivated. Initially living in Ardwick near Pinmill Brow, followed by life in South Manchester following the demolition of  my terrace playground.  I wandered around the slum clearances and imposing mills, and saw the reminders of Victorian glory, and enterprise of Manchester people living their lives within a small City centre but a huge conurbation.
That formed my lifetime love of the City of Manchester, it’s buildings, people, music and history.
As I grew older, it became important for me to capture that City. Originally in memories, but more recently in images. My inspiration was to take photographs of my home City that were  known to many, but not necessarily viewed in the same way.
That then became a wider passion, evolving from  amateur artist to professional photographer, but still influenced by the Impressionist, Surrealist and Modernist movements in terms of framing and composition.
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Thank you, Alan.